Choose the only loyalty-marketing platform that grows store sales.


SEEMYAPPS (SEE MY APPLICATIONS) automates your merchant’s text and email communications directly to their customers to:

– Block competition
– Increase visit frequency
– Increase customer wallet spending
– Build their relationship
– Excite their best customers


SEEMYAPPS helps retail businesses grow their sales and get customers to come back again and again:


-We provide the most effective and efficient method to bring best customers back.


-SEEMYAPPS loyalty marketing platform is built around the foundation of exceeding customer’s expectations


-Our communication is uniquely targeted to reach every one of your customers independently.


SEEMYAPPS fosters a successful and powerful engine, focused on monitoring customers’ behaviours to auto-communicate and spark their interests to spend more


The results are staggering; far better than any basic gift and or points card formulas.


It’s simple, quick, adaptable, modular, flexible, affordable and best of all tangible.


Compatible Products and version


BEST V14 modules: Giftcard - Loyalty


List of clients:


Pizza Donair, Café Morgan


Other products and services


With over 10 modular applications; we adhere to the needs of your merchants and package a solution suitable for them.


Our Services:



E-Pass (Coupons)
Gift $
Visits and Free Items
Rewards Dollars
Rewards Points
WEB Site Solutions
Mobile APP Solutions
Email Marketing
Members Points
Agenda Reservations
Customer Service
Social Media




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