Hikvision video management system, Hikvision Dashboard monitoring system, and POS Integration software offer single and multi-location Hospitality operators a complete solution to their security and operations needs, addressing crime, vandalism, and employee theft while also providing a powerful tool for monitoring each store’s financial performance remotely.

Products and version

Hikvision integrates with BEST over an IP network to receive real-time transaction data from BEST, perform software text overlay on the register camera on dvr, and log the BEST transactions in a structured database for subsequent search and retrieval; Hikvision allows very rapid searching of the video archive based on the BEST transaction of interest; Hikvision Dashboard collects status and transaction data from each store to allow the multi-location owner a single place to search for data and reports on activities in all of his stores at one time; Hikvision Dashboard also supports remote search and retrieval of video clips based on BEST transactions


Other products and services

Full line of surveillance products to complete any installation. We now are able to provide text insertion over analog and IP cameras.